Watch Out for the “Helpful” Computer Technician Calling You!

I was just called by the “computer technician” who “worked on my computer in the past”. “Remember?” Oh, yes… do go on, I said!

He wondered if he could “update a few services”… I said yes, of course, but he cut short when I asked if he needed to connect to my computer so he could compromise it…

REMEMBER – No one will ever call you to work on your computer from a legitimate source.

For example, Microsoft will never call you to update your operating system. McAfee will never call you to update your virus protection, etc.

Unless you called them first, with a legitimate support case, no one’s reaching out to you “to just help and make sure you’re all set…”

Never continue a phone conversation with these scam artists. They look to connect to your computer remotely, and once connected will either scan your system for credit card numbers or other data, or compromise your system, and you, in other ways.

Your best bet – hang up, and ask Rick or myself, or one of our tech coaches if you’re unsure.



E. Andreas Johansson
Director of Technology
Streetsboro City Schools

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