WeVideo Helps Showcase Student Learning


Teachers often want to encourage students to showcase their learning by creating videos, but we often run into barriers like paywalls and length limits. We’re excited to announce that this year, we were able to obtain several licenses for WeVideo¬†which will eliminate the paywalls, length limits, and creativity controls. With this “pro” version, students will be able to create videos, collaborate with classmates, and publish to an authentic audience freely.

Through WeVideo’s education program, the district has 50 seats which can be distributed among students to create and publish to either the world or to a “walled garden,” or a limited audience. Teachers can manage the videos and play through them. When the class is finished with their project, the “pro” license is revoked and able to be given to a different student.

WeVideo is a great program for making outstanding audio and video productions. If you need help implementing in your classroom, please reach out to coaches Dan Stitzel or Molly Klodor!