Roblox—What is it and is it Safe?


In my new position, I spend time with middle schoolers during their Recreation time.  One of the things that they liked to do was play a game called Roblox. It has been decided that they are not allowed to play that game during school anymore for a couple of reasons.  I have written it on the board in the Media Center and since then, several teachers have asked me what Roblox is and why it is not allowed. Continue reading “Roblox—What is it and is it Safe?”

About Internet & Online Safety at Streetsboro City Schools

kids and computers

The social, emotional, and online welfare of our students is one of our top priorities at Streetsboro City Schools. Our mission – to partner with families and communities to provide a personalized education that inspires and empowers students to be lifelong learners and productive members of our global society – doesn’t just matter in the classroom, or on the playground. It matters online, too.

Keeping kids safe online is one of our expanded missions at Streetsboro, and we do everything we can to best prepare our students for what lies ahead. Continue reading “About Internet & Online Safety at Streetsboro City Schools”