Speaking of passwords…

Once we’ve migrated fully to Gmail, we will begin asking users to manage their passwords, and change them over time. Changing, and using a strong password, is the single best way to manage your security, your online identity, and keeping things protected.

A strong password consists of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, and is long. A good password includes all of the above, and is longer than 10 characters – preferably longer!

Which one, below, is best?  

password   |   mypassword   |   MyPassword   |   MyP@$$word!@#$

Keeping multiple passwords in your head can be a chore. Try using a service called LastPass to manage your passwords. By creating one, very secure, master password, all your other passwords are automatically managed from there. You can use LastPass to sync in the Chrome browser automatically. Get LastPass here.