How to talk to your children about scary news

How to talk with your kids about scary news

Recent school shootings, international conflicts or natural disasters in the news can have a profound effect on children many miles from the scene. The sheer volume of media exposure of disturbing tragedies makes it difficult to prevent kids from experiencing them vicariously through the news.

The most important thing to do first is to start the conversation. Continue reading “How to talk to your children about scary news”

What’s New in Google | October 2017

These are some of the highlights from Google this month…

  • Google Calendar gets a facelift, with new user experience and interface – Resource Link
  • Google launches “Inside Music” Chrome experiment to explore layers of music – Resource Link
  • Google releases Digital Citizenship and Safety Course for educators – Resource Link, Resource Link
  • Drive File Stream launching to all G Suite users – Resource Link
  • Google Keep gets 4 new colors for note-taking – Resource Link
  • Google Classroom can now import grades directly from Google Form quizzes – Resource Link
  • Lots of Google Slides updates! – Resource Link