Save the trees!

As a district, we go through paper like there’s no tomorrow! In the next few weeks and months, we will take a deeper look at how, and where we print and make copies, and begin collecting data on devices, users, and types of print jobs. In short, we will begin reining in our print costs.

I shared the following data with the administrative team last week, where we discussed possible long-term, effective solutions to the problem.

As it is, we spend an enormous amount of taxpayers’ dollars on print and copy costs, and we could do a much better job being responsible stewards of the environment by printing much less.

? If you have ideas on how to limit our paper / copy use, please add it to this online suggestion board (and see what others think, too!)


To date, since August 1, 2017 (this school year alone!) our environmental impacts equal the destruction of 13 trees, or 4,750 kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Here’s more detail from the executive summary report, with the top users blocked out (but they won’t be in next month’s report…) The report covers the period August 1, 2017 – March 9, 2018.

Papercut Executive Report

I realize that printing and copying comes along with the job of being a classroom teacher, a front office assistant, or central office staff.

I get it.

But printing in color when grayscale would do the job is an easy switch, and sharing a document in Google Drive (instead of printing a kabillion copies for students / colleagues / parents) is responsible practice. Let’s do it!

Print responsibly & share wisely,

– Andreas

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  1. I believe that a clock in system would help save on paper significantly. Everything can uploaded electronically. Depending on the system that is chosen, reminders, notes and other information can be put on the swipe screen (if you choose a tablet system)for everyone or personal messages, also reducing paper use. It will also ensure that times are efficient, can be kept for data collecting and quick retrieval.

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