RCET Welcomes Streetsboro Second Graders to Kent State’s AT&T Classroom

Cross-posted from http://rcetatt.blogspot.com/2018/03/rcet-welcomes-streetsboro-second.html from March 5th, 2018.

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom RCET welcomed second graders from Streetsboro Elementary and their teachers Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Swanson. The second graders were introduced to a set of apps that they are using for a science project to share what they have learned about endangered animals.

To begin, the students learned to do an image search on their iPads to locate a photo of an endangered animal and a second photo of the animal’s habitat. For the next phase of the project, the students were introduced to Pic Collage, a free app for creating scenes and collages with photos.

The Pic Collage platform offers access to a tremendous gallery of backgrounds, stickers and customizable fonts for creating photo projects.  The second graders learned to use the app’s cropping tool to cut their endangered animal and paste it into their habitat image.

As a final step today, the second graders were introduced to ChatterPix Kids, a tool they will use tomorrow to animate their animal so that it can talk.

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