Quick Formative Assessments with The Answer Pad!

It is pretty common for a teacher to say to their students, “Put your thumb on your chest. If you feel like and expert on this topic, point your thumb towards the sky. If you’re feeling pretty good about the topic, point your thumb to your heart. If you need more help, point your thumb at your desk.” Yes, this method is good for a quick formative assessment, but we know that students are sometimes afraid to show their level of understanding in front of classmates. So how can we easily give our students a formative assessment that is more private? Welcome The Answer Pad into your classroom.

The Answer Pad is an interactive website and app that teachers can use for free (there is an upgraded version for under $20) to check student understanding at any point in a lesson or unit. Therefore, this app-website combo can be used to administer formative assessments to students directly to their own device whenever the teacher feels a checkpoint is appropriate.

Connecting with students is simple. The Answer Pad generates a code for students to join a “Quick Connect” session.  Once students are in, the teacher can present a question verbally or visually on the board, and simultaneously send a question response style to the students that will show up on their device.  The response styles range from true/false all the way to plotting on a coordinate grid! The variety of response styles is one of the major reasons I would choose this site over other similar response systems.

You can create an account by going to The Answer Pad.  However, I am warning you, once you create an account, you will play around for hours testing out all the awesome features!

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