Prepare Lessons Using Screencastify

Have you ever been writing sub plans and you just wish you could give students the directions yourself?  Well, with Screencastify, you can do just that. I have had to leave plans for many different subs over the last couple of weeks.  

Rather than type everything I wanted the students to do, I just used Screencastify to record my Chromebook screen. It is especially helpful when students will be expected to do something online.

Screencastify is a Google extension that is very easy to use.  It can record your voice and your screen. There’s also an option for it to record your face as you go through the directions.  You simply go through your normal directions as you would if you were in front of students. After your recording is complete, it takes just a few minutes for it to process.  Then, a link is available that can be shared with the substitute to show for your students.

I have included a link to a YouTube video that will help you get started if you are interested in trying out your own screen cast with Screencastify.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

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