NEW! Print & Copy Request goes Paperless

On Monday March 12, 2018 we’re implementing a new print and copy request workflow, removing many roadblocks and difficult steps from both end users and process owners, and creating an efficient process for requesting copies to be made at Central Services.

File your first request here!

How Will It Work?

Start by submitting your request online using the linked Google Form. You’ll provide information about who you are, where you’re located, copy request details (how many, stapled, etc.) and upload the document.

The requests will only accept files in PDF format from now on. This will help mitigate conversion issues, and speed up the print process as our printers are optimized to print from PDF. The ownership of PDF creation now lies with the requestor, but no worries. Creating PDFs is an easy task (see below)!

Once submitted, you’ll get a verification email regarding your request, and if there are any questions, Central Services will contact you directly. Your copies will be delivered like normal to your building once completed.

Where Do I File My Requests?

Right from the front page of your building’s website:

Submit Print Request


  • Can I submit multiple documents for one request? No.
  • Where can I find the link to submit a request after today? It’s listed on all the websites on the front page, right hand side. Look for the printer symbol!
  • Can I submit a large file? Yes. Files up to 100MB in size are ok.
  • What happens to requests I keep sending over using the old workflow? They will not be processed after March 12, 2018.
  • Why are you changing the process? To increase efficiency, save paper, and help Central Services with their workload.

How Do I Make a PDF?

  • From a Google Doc/Slides/Sheet/Drawing: File > Download as PDF Document
  • From a Word/Excel/Publisher Document: File > Save As > PDF

If you have questions, or need help, see your building’s Tech Aide.


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