Hangouts video calls transitioning to Hangouts Meet

Due to positive customer feedback regarding Hangouts Meet—our new improved video meeting experience—we will begin enabling Meet starting 21 May 2018 for all newly created meetings in Google Calendar.

Meet provides significantly better performance over classic Hangouts video calls. It features a cleaner, more focused user experience and a simple, secure and reliable method for guests to join meetings.

What’s new in Meet?

Since launch in March 2017, we’ve updated Meet to include an API for reportingphone dial-out and in-meeting chat. We also recently introduced the Hangouts Meet hardware room kit and for G Suite Enterprise customers, we added support for up to 50 participantsmore international dial-in phone numbers, and the ability to record meetings to Google Drive. We just introduced the ability to include US dial-in phone numbers to all Meetings created by users with G Suite Basic and G Suite Business licenses. Looking forward, we are excited to be bringing Meet compatibility with Firefox browsers in May.

When will Google automatically transition my organization to Meet?

The transition from classic Hangouts video meetings to Meet for your organization will start after 21 May 2018 – no action is required. Newly created Calendar events will contain Meet video meeting details.

What if I need more time to prepare my users?

You can temporarily extend your use of classic Hangouts as default video conferencing option for at least four weeks by opting out under Apps > G Suite > Google Hangouts > Global Settings. From June, your Calendar events will include Meet video details instead of classic Hangouts links. Previously created classic Hangouts video links will still be usable until at least August 13, 2018.

For a full comparison of existing and coming features between classic Hangouts and Meet refer to this Help Center article.

Which browsers will Meet support?

Please note that Meet does not support Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. If you have video conferencing users who are using these browsers, please review the details of the transition plan and consider whether to opt-out of automatic activation of Meet in your settings in the Admin console. Compatibility with next stable version of Firefox is expected in advance of automatic activation in May and a solution for Internet Explorer and Safari browsers will come in advance of automatic activation with no opt-out.

Can my users set a custom event URI in Meet?

Meet video meetings have fixed, unique URIs to improve guest access reliability. Customers who need more time to switch from custom URIs with classic Hangouts may consider delaying the enablement of Meet and prepare their users.

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