CommonLit to the rescue!

Teachers of all content areas are striving to find more texts that engage their students, connect to their content, and meet the standards of the end-of-course exams. Enter CommonLit, a free resource that supports literacy in all content areas from grades 3-12.

The site provides texts that are linked by genre, theme, or literary device, paired with novels and other texts, or organized by history-based text set. Each text corresponds to end-of-course-like questions and discussion prompts as well as paired texts and related materials that help promote learning in each classroom.

You can print the resources, but the real power of CommonLit comes from the online data reporting. CommonLit syncs with your Google Classroom, so it takes all of 3 minutes to set up your classes. With each class, teachers can differentiate different texts or assign less engaged readers guided reading questions. Students log in, read the texts, and answer the questions. Teachers grade the extended responses and release the scores, which provides valuable data to support your teaching.

If you find yourself struggling to prepare students for the end-of-course exams, consider trying CommonLit!

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