Organize your Drive without Folders!

If your Google Drive looks like mine did a week ago, you probably see hundreds of random files below your hundreds of folders. This mass amount of digital clutter makes it difficult to find the files you are looking for and can cause you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Thankfully, Google introduced the Priority feature to Google Drive this year.

Simply stated, the Priority feature lets you organize your files into workspaces (based on topics) without using folders! These workspaces are easy to access making the process of finding a file quick and painless.  To set up your workspaces, follow these few steps:

1. Click on the “Priority” tab   

2. Click “Create Workspace”

3. Give your Workspace a name

4. Click “Add Files”

5. Choose the files from your Drive you want to add!

You can create multiple workspaces for multiple topics! If you no longer need a workspace, you can remove or hide it!